I Used to Like Autumn...

But I don't think that I'm liking it all that much at the moment. I have either caught the cold from hell or I have allergies big time. All I know is that I feel like crap.

With any luck, I should be kicking this soon. I have had it nearly a month now so it can't hang around that much longer. So tired of feeling congested. Can't remember when I last was able to sleep properly. Okay enough of the bitching... I'm going to start concentrating on the fun stuff. Like Halloween. I just love that holiday. I've done so from the time I was a kid. Jack-o-Lanterns fascinated me. There was just something soooo spooky seeing them sitting on a porch on Halloween night.

And Halloween Kisses had to be my favorite treat. My kids think that I'm nuts!

Stop by often, because I will more than likely add stuff to this blog as things occur to me. My morning thoughts will turn into Afternoon Thoughts and then into Evening Thought without a doubt!

See you later ;)

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