Neat Stuff I Found This Morning

1. The Diabetics Food Pyramid Everyone should live by this pyramid... diabetic or not. It would help in every way... but be prepared to increase your intake of veggies.

2. Divert Your CourseI don't know if this really is true, but it certainly would be funny if it was!

3. Hillman's Wonders of the World Okay, it looks as if I have a lot of sight seeing still to do. And I thought that I had seen a lot of the world! I have seen only five out of the top 100!

4. The Ten Best Foods You (Maybe) Aren't Eating Okay, I'm definitely going to be adding a lot of these items to my shopping list. I'll even force myself to eat cabbage... and I hate cabbage. Some of the other nine superfoods I'll have to go looking for. Some should be pretty easy. Pumpkin seeds here I come!

5. Mr. Bean's Invisible Drums I didn't know what to expect when I began to watch this video, but Mr. Bean simply gets funnier every time I see him. I don't know if he writes all of his own material or not, but the guy is hysterical. I don't think that too many other people could pull this off!

6. Get It Up... Your Heart Rate It's all about jumping rope and you probably did it just about as much as I did when you were a kid. This might be an easy?? way to get back into shape. As long as you take it slow. We aren't 10 years old any more.

7. Chocolate Chip Cookies in a Jar If you have a brother who is very hard to buy for, I have a feeling that he would like this. (Yes, I'm beginning to think about all of those Christmas gifts that I have to buy this year and I like lots of little things instead of one big thing.)

8. Amazing Way to Tie Your Sneakers Now this is just cool and I can't help but wonder how the guy came up with this. Personally, I prefer the slip your foot into the shoe and be done with it. But this does look cool. I just don't have any patience!

9.Things Other People Did At Your Age If you can NOT put your age into the little box, you are a better person than me... or maybe I'm just nosy and want to know what other people have been up to. Go and try it out for yourself. You just might find yourself motivated!

10. Whoopie Pies I'm pretty sure that I bought a box of these for my son on the way home from Florida and he wolfed them down. Now I have the recipe which means I can control the ingredients. Who needs to eat preservatives if you don't have to!!

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