What Do You Know About Mattresses?

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All I knew was the fact that my back suddenly had stopped aching on a particular hotel bed! It was a real eye opener as I have had back aches for the past several years... like about the past 20 years! I had pretty much given up thinking that it was simply old age kicking in! Apparently that wasn't the problem. It was the mattress, but it doesn't stop there. I was checking out mattresses and a salesmen approached me and when I said that I possibly needed a new mattress, he said that he would be more than happy to help me! My daughter and I was there for about an hour and we indeed learned a ton but unfortunately, the salesman was at a loss. He couldn't find one mattress that would support my torso. We tried soft, firm and everything in between, but my body kind of caved in at the waistline and it has nothing to do with weight. I'm about 5'5, weight 121 pounds and the shoulders are a little wider than my hips... he was stumped!

But, he did know what he was talking about... I was impressed and even pointed out the problem area to my daughter so that we could continue to look for mattresses that would support the center of my body. He said that we needed a really dense foam and unfortunately he didn't have anything dense enough! But now we know!

If you have been aching in the morning, I highly recommend heading to a department store and finding out just what kind of mattress you need! It will be well worth it.

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