Kitchen Superstitions

I doubt that you will ever look at your kitchen in quite the same way again! You have to wonder where these superstitions originate??

1. Never pick a knife up that you have dropped yourself while preparing a meal. To avoid bad luck, wait until someone enters the kitchen and then ask them to do it!

2. If you are baking apples in the oven and one should burst... it's a sign that good news will be coming your way within the week!

3. This is a great one to remember during the holiday season. Display a bowl of fat tangerines with the leaves still in place. This ensures a very happy Christmas for everyone in the house.

4. Never give a knife as a gift as it will cut ties with this family. While you might wonder why anyone would ever give a knife, I just remembered that my Granddad gave me a carving set for a wedding present. I don't think that it was unlucky, but it did come with a fork... I wonder if that helped to keep the bad luck away. Yes, I am very superstitious and yes, I do still have that carving knife. I also heard somewhere that if you are going to give a knife as a gift, you should charge the person a penny. That apparently takes care of the bad luck.

5. You should never sweep the kitchen floor after dark. That's just asking for trouble apparently. I wonder if that tradition of sweeping the floor in the morning has something to do with that particular superstition. I can remember my grandmother... washing the morning dishes and then sweeping the floor. It was like clockwork every morning!

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