Decking Your Halls and all that stuff!

Felt christmas ballFelt christmas ball (Photo credit: Linda (Pane, amore e creatività))
Christmas decorating is supposed to be fun, but sometimes it gets a little scary too. Where do you start??

1. Make Your Own Family Christmas Tree... you can make cute little decorations to fill in the empty spots on the tree. All you need is red bristol board, white paper lace doilies and photos of family members. You might want to laminate them as mine are about ten years old and they are beginning to show their age. And then there is the one of granddad that soaked up a little spilled coffee.

2. Make an assortment of miniature Christmas Cards using plain white paper and holiday rubber stamps. Inside each Christmas card can be a Christmasy quote. Place a bowl of them on the coffee table and watch people thumb through them.

3. Pick up some inexpensive frames from the dollar store and "frame" old Christmas cards that can be displayed on coffee tables or even hung on the wall!

4. Odd Christmas Balls... decorate the fireplace??... Place a bit of greenery... real or otherwise and then sneak in a few Christmas balls. Looks amazingly pretty!

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5. LOTS of tinsel. And place your tree near a vent if it's artificial and allow the warm air to make the tinsel sparkle! My husband hates tinsel, but that's my favorite part of Christmas and I'm not giving it up!

6. This is the time of the year for CLUTTER. During this month Christmas is all about bits and pieces everywhere. Let it put a smile on your face!

7. Wreaths in every window... Yes, it can be done. All you need is wire coat hangers and plastic wrap that is tied in knots around the wire. Bags that the newspapers arrive in can be used as well! I tried leaving them out for the paper boy, but he ignored them so I found a new use for them!

8. Window Sills ... don't leave them bare... miniature figurines from the dollar store work amazingly well.