Doing Something Nice For Someone Else

Words are mere bubbles of water, but deeds are drops of gold... Chinese Proverb

Yesterday, I was standing in line in the supermarket with a buggy full of groceries. A woman walked up behind me, carrying a heavy bag of flour and a few other items. I instantly told her that she could go ahead of me in the line. It was no big deal and I could only hope that someone would someday do the same for me.

She thanked me and moved in front of me. This is where it gets interesting. Another checkout opened up and she spotted it and instantly left the line. If it had of been me, I would have at least turned to say thank you to the woman who had let me in line. It would only seem right to smile and say thanks... wouldn't it?? Apparently the woman that I had let in didn't think so and just rushed to the open check out.

I just stared at her?? Nothing?? Which brings me to the point about those deeds being drops of gold. If you really want them to be drops of gold, don't expect anything in return for your deeds. Just do the deed because it's the right thing to do and leave it at that. You really have no idea what is going through the mind of the other person. Maybe her arm was ready to fall off (although I did say that she could put the bag of flour in my buggy until she got to the front of the line). Anyway, I did something nice and that should be enough.

Don't expect everyone to behave exactly the same way that you would have in the same circumstance... because everyone had different thoughts going on... and you have no idea what someone might be going through!

Just be nice because it's the right thing to do. Don't expect ANYTHING in return!