Today's Quote About Painting a Little Bit of Bliss

"Life in itself is an empty canvas, it becomes whatsoever you paint on it. You can paint MISERY, you can paint BLISS. This FREEDOM is your glory." Osho

What a great quote and it is perfect for me this particular morning. I have had two Root Canal appointments three days apart and I'm hurting big time. I also have all of these panic thoughts going through my mind which I'm putting there. I know that all the pain is because the appointments were too close together, but I'm painting these horrible thoughts on my "canvas" about all the "what ifs" that I can come up with. Instead I should be thinking about how much closer I am to getting this all over with and being able to go home for that big birthday party I would have had to cancel if I hadn't gone this week.

And, I am feeling a little bit better this morning so I should be repainting that canvas with a little bit of "BLISS" right. I'm going to spend the day coloring over that misery with some sunny yellow and orange colors. 

Today is going to be a great day!!

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