I'm Taking the Sugar Outside

I have been pulling weeds today... have you noticed that the more you pull them, the more that show up. And now there is one that I'm not even sure is a weed. It had the cutest little purple flower... kind of like a miniature violet. Anyway, I was debating whether to pull up similar looking plants without the flower when I slipped and my hand ran down the side of of the fence board resulting in two tiny little slivers that stung like crazy!! I tried to ignore them and went on with my weeding until I was pretty much finished.

Thanks to my daughter, she hawled out the splinters with a needle and tweezers and I went on to catch up on my online reading. I was over at Marsha's site and read about all the things that you can do with sugar. Apparently you can use it in the garden to prevent nasty little worms from munching away on your plant roots. Anyway, I'm telling you so that you can sprinkle a little in your garden too. Is there anything worse than worm in the garden... I'm shuddering just thinking about it.

So, take a look at Marsha's list and have a great Easter weekend.