Thoughts about Winter on a cold windy night

Well, I just checked and there is nothing on TV tonight, so I decided to go down and re-arrange my Christmas room. Actually it is my HOLIDAY room and to keep everything sorted, I asked my husband to build me a wall of shelves so that I could keep everything organized. I thought that it would work beautifully, but it didn't take very long for everything to jumbled up into a mess.

Did I mention that everyone gives me Christmas houses?? Well, I climbed the ladder and put them up onto the top shelf. I HAVE A LOT!  With just the three of us at the moment, I don't always put them out. If we ever move home again, our granddaughter is going to have so much fun with them!! Anyway, ornaments came next... and somewhere I got this brilliant idea to have a formal tree and a family tree. That means twice the ornaments. They all needed dividing as well. And then I had to put my bathroom decorations into a box, another for the living room. One for the dining room... well you get the idea.

To make a long story short... my Christmas room is now THE CHRISTMAS ROOM. All of the other holidays have been sent to the attic. Yes, I filled the Christmas room and there is no space left for Halloween and Easter. I was pondering decorating for Valentine's Day... but decided that it might be a huge mistake. When we move, I have to take all of this stuff with us. Enough said...