I'm Thinking About BlueBells This Morning

Although I have never seen this display, I really feel as if I do. I have been married closing in on 40 years... yikes, that's hard to believe. Okay, we were still babies when we were married, but it must have been a good fit because we are still together and raised two great kids. And now we have one adorable, precocious granddaughter to spoil rotten.

But back to the bluebells. Hubby was born in England and ever spring, meadows of bluebells would blossom in the countryside.  Hubby couldn't have been very old because he emigrated when he was 18 with his family and still, the sight of those flowers stayed with him all of this time... and I hear about them every year!

It would be nice if I could possibly see them and it just might happen. We just might be going back to live if darling daughter gets the job she applied for. Time will tell, but I think that we would love living there. Will just have to find away to convince son, his wife and that darling granddaughter to move over too!!

Thinking about bluebells

I hope that I have given you something to think about today! Thanks so much for stopping by :)