The Strange Angel Gift

I was going to look up a quote about angels, but I think that I will share this little story with you instead. It happened about fifteen years ago, around this time of the year. I can't quite remember now why I was thinking about angels, but they were on my mind and I really needed to believe that they were real. Why... I have no idea, but I do remember desperately wanting proof. 

I was just about to open a little gift from the ladies at the library for my volunteer work when the thought came to me. If I unwrapped an angel, that would be the proof I needed. There was no reason why the gift should be an angel, so that made it the perfect proof. Nothing gave it away, it was simply a small tissue paper wrapped item that I had brought home with me. I slowly began to pull the paper away from the item inside and... well, you know what it turned out to be right??

It was a tiny white angel...