I Have a Little Story for You About Angels

 Yesterday, mom went to visit her sister who passed last month. Aunt D's ashes had been sprinkled in her daughter's rose garden and mom was sitting out there talking to her. There came a moment, when her feelings got the most of her and she began to break down. That is when she felt a pat on her shoulder. At the time, she thought that it was Aunt D's daughter trying to comfort her, but when she returned to the house, the daughter was still inside with her husband. No one had been out  there with Mom. Now the funny part about the story is that Aunt D always used to punch mom in the arm and mom would get so mad lol. This time Aunt D just laid her hand on mom's shoulder... no punching allowed in heaven it seems. Mom and I had a good laugh over the change in Aunt D!

The Angels were all singing out of tune,
And hoarse with having little else to do,
Excepting to wind up the sun and moon
Or curb a runaway young star or two.
Lord Byron