Morning Thoughts for Nov 15 2016

So much for doing Yoga on a daily basis! Maybe I began too late in life, I don't know, but this morning my back is killing me. And I was so proud of myself!! Yesterday, I did 15 minutes in the morning and then I did an extra 15 minutes late afternoon. For me, that is a lot!

To backtrack a little, it all began about 30 years ago. I took a tumble down a flight of stairs and my back has never been the same since. I have gone to the doctors and had x-rays done on my back, but nothing seemed to help for very long.

My latest doctor said that I simply needed to strengthen my core. I have heard that before!! Any way, even though I hate to exercise...( I find it so boring) , I went back to more than just walking an hour a day. Anyway, on to Yoga...I thought that I would see what this ancient practice  could do for me and all was going well for a few weeks. I actually thought that I had found the answer!

Whether I did too much yesterday, I don't know, but I have to admit that I'm trying to keep up with a 30 something and was quite pleased that I was able to match everything that she was doing... Guess that I will have to back off a little and look for a more gentle style of Yoga... And yes, at 10:30 I will be back at it... damn... I wish that this was fun!

*And no, that isn't me up there. If it was I could understand why I'm in so much pain this morning! haha  ;)

photo credit... Morguefile