Thoughts About Those DNA Tests!!

 Well, it finally arrived! I have taken a peek at it and I was in for quite the surprise. I suspected that there was going to be some British DNA present, but not quite so much. I'm 42% and no one in the family has lived in England since my Great Grandfather. There has been a lot of diluting going on since then. So 42%??  My hubby was born in England so I have been kidding him all morning about having more British DNA than him!

My next largest percentage was Scandinavian! That came in at a whopping 23%.  I was expecting French to come in at second place because of my grandmother's line. (Just look at my coloring!!) Apparently my French genes weren't as strong as I had thought.  I have yet to find one person from Sweden or Denmark!  Guess that I had better start looking!!

And then there are the other little coincidences that showed up thanks to personal preferences. It's funny to find that things that really interest you can be tracked back to specific countries. I think there's a little vampire blood in me too. haha!!

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