What I Learned Today

 I'm closing in on my second month of meditating and I'm finding that it does get easier. That is not to say that I don't have my bad days because I do... but I did learn one thing today. Do not react to something that annoys you. Just let it go.  Here's what I had to deal with this morning. We had a snow storm and the ground is now completely white. It seems that spring has now been pushed back another month or so.  BUT DO NOT REACT... just let it go. Everything passes.

Surprisingly enough... it helped. I could have been depressed at what I was seeing... but I did not react. I looked at all the snow and then then moved on to something else. And now I feel better!

Hope that you are having a good day... where ever you are at this moment!

Tomorrow... the snow will be gone :) **Some of My Favorites... (one the right hand side) Quotes About Being a Genius, Quotes About Being Sorry, Quotes About Dreaming, Quotes About Fun, Quotes About Kindness,