Update... After The Wind Storm Yesterday

 Just got in from surveying the damage. Just one tree down and it wasn't very heavy at all to move. Luckily it had been dead for a long time. What I found the most interesting is how hard the tree must have crashed as it fell to the ground. There were tiny snapped tree branches strewn a lot further out onto the lawn than I expected to find.  The negative part of all of this was how cold it was out there. Fingers still cold. On the bright side... temps are supposed to climb to 18 c today. Fingers crossed.

My Plans For Today... Will be picking up all the tiny tree branches for the next hour or so. Not sure what they would do to the lawn mower blade.
 Favorite Book... Peace and Plenty by Sarah Ban Breathnach
Today in the garden... Thinking about what I might plant next year!
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