My daughter who loves to doodle, make me a card this morning. It started off like this... "Lets see... is it Christmas morning? No, that's not it. Is it your birthday? Not, that was last week. Oh, it's Mother's Day!!  Happy Mother's Day! I hope today is ever so slightly better than any other day.

 Now the funny part was the artwork. There were flowers and the sun shining brightly and two stick figures... One was taller than the other and holding onto to the hand of the smaller figure. I automatically thought that the tall one was me, holding on to the hand of the smaller figure... my daughter  lol. Wrong... she made sure by labeling the picture. I was the shorter one and she was the taller one who was holding on to my hand. Yes, she has outgrown me by several inches and just wanted to let me know that she's the one in charge ;)


Things to be curious about today...
*who came up with the idea of Mother's Day???