What I Did Wrong When Hoeing the Garden

 Dad must have owned a hoe, but I honestly don't remember... at least I don't think that I ever saw him use it.  Okay, I was one of three girls and none of us were ever very good at much of anything other than shopping lol, so chances are, he simply never took us out into the garden and showed us how we were supposed to do it.

Anyway, I  have been taking the hoe out every day to attack the multitude of dandelions that have pretty much taken over all 6 acres of our property. No, let me clarify that. The dandelions everywhere but in the garden I gave free reign!! Seeing that is the first food source for bumble bees, I didn't want to interfere with that. We need bees and they have been struggling the last few years, so the only dandelions that I wanted to be rid of are the ones in two small gardens where I want to plant fruits and veggies. Seeing that I don't like pesticides, which is probably why we now have 6 acres of dandelions lol, I took one little hoe that I bought at a garage sale and began chopping them away hoping that if I get down deep enough in the soil to cut at least some of the root,  I would weaken them enough so that they wouldn't grow back. Nope, that didn't happen, because I was stirring up the soil bringing more weed seeds to the surface. What I was supposed to do is just use the hoe to cut off the tops of  weeds. How that is supposed to work, I have no idea, but today that is exactly what I did. It's supposed to rain tonight... so lets just see what happens. ;)

This city girl is signing out for now. I'm exhausted!!  After the hoeing... there was watering to do!