Stand Up Embroidery Hoop

I'm looking for a new hobby and I used to love embroidery once upon a time... maybe it's time to get back to it. Having a hoop that I don't have to hold might just might be the answer. And if I don't get around to actually doing any embroidery lol, I could always slip in a pretty piece of material and use the whole thing as an interesting piece of furniture for the living room.

What do you think??

"Our Stand Up Embroidery Hoop holds your piece upright so you can continue to enjoy your favorite hobby. Even if you're recovering from a stroke or have arthritis in your hands! Four suction cups on the base hold it tightly to any smooth surface like a table, wheelchair tray or even a window pane. Place your fabric in the 9.5' hoop and angle it for your comfort and ease of use.
With practice, you can learn to place the fabric into the hoop single-handedly. To do this, drape your fabric over the top of the open hoop and then put it back together starting from the top. Use your forearm to straighten the hoop and press the bottom in place. With the Stand Up Embroidery Hoop, you can enjoy hobbies like needlepoint and cross stitch with just one hand!"

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