Sending Your Kids to School With a Lunch They Will Love!

Could there be anything worse than opening a lunch box only to find that everything inside looks kind of boring? How would you feel if you took the same lunch day after day. I would think that you would get pretty tired of it too.

1.Kids love those pre-packed lunches that you see at the supermarkets. And have you noticed that they are always featured at a level that is in keeping with those little eyes.There's no doubt in my mind that the stores want to make sure that the kids see them. The only problem is that most of the time, they aren't very healthy and they are very costly. So why not just make your own. You can pretty much copy everything in the pre-packed lunch, but with a few more veggies tossed in for good measure and it will cost you a whole lot less.

2. Head to the library or the bookstore and check out cookbooks for kid's lunches. I did just that when my daughter was in grade two and together we went through the suggestions and she picked out everything that appealed to her. It certainly made life easier for me when it came time to pack her lunch.

3. If you are into paper lunch sacs, let your kids decorate their bags for the week. Stickers are available almost everywhere and can be seasonable as well. It makes lunch seem just a wee bit more special.

4. Mondays are blah days for kids too, so maybe add a small surprise on that particular day. The anticipation in amazing.

5. Write little notes on the fruit... but make sure that it doesn't backfire. I did that on bananas for my daughter and she didn't tell me until she was in high school that my messages made her homesick! That wasn't my intention. Maybe a word search puzzle instead would have been better?

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