Enjoying What is Left of Winter

Image by Hamed Saber via Flickr
Believe in the Spring!*Spring is right around the corner, but sometimes I don't think that Mother Nature isn't aware of the fact. I think a lot of the problem is that we have been so cooped up for months on end, that we aren't looking for ways to enjoy the days that are left. Each day, stick your head out the door and see if a nice long walk is something you can do. All it might take is a good warm parka, a pair of warm books and gloves and get out there into the sunshine! And if your temps are rising, you might not even need that parka!!

*I have always liked those salt lamps... the ones that have a nice soft glow. Well, I was just reading that a half hour of light from one of these lamps can really help you fight those winter blahs!

*Plan your next garden! I never throw out a magazine which might not be a good thing, but when I'm bored to death with winter, it's certainly nice to pull out a magazine that features all things gardening! I can almost smell spring when I do that!

*While hopefully, there's not that much of winter left, lets enjoy what it has still has to offer. A few more roaring fires as well as a nice glass of red wine is still something to look forward to . And if big fluffy flakes of snow are falling... enjoy those too!

*Have you looked at the stars lately? We used to do it a lot when we were kids, and then life became a bit too hectic and that was way down on the bottom of our to-do list...if it was penciled in at all. Today put it higher up on that to-do list!!

*As a teen I used to go sledding at night with a ton of other kids. It was so much fun, but all of that stopped when adulthood arrived. Who made that rule? It's time to give it another try! If there is still snow out there, take advantage of it! It's not going to be around much longer!!


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Image by Hamed Saber via Flickr

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