Aches and Pains on a Rainy Day

I am aching big time today and can't pin down why I should be hurting quite this much so, I went digging and found according to the Farmer's Almanac, "that there is a genuine connection between increased pain and cold, wet weather."

Okay, we have had nothing but rainy weather for the past couple of months but today is different. I'm hurting just about everywhere, and even in areas that usually don't hurt quite this bad. So there is a connection, but here is an interesting twist.  I was just informed of an earthquake about 8 hours away (where all of my family is living). It shook items on the wall, a computer chair and the monitor, but nothing major, thank goodness. But lets get back to the point about how much I'm hurting. Is there a family connection?? Did I pick up on the fact that my family might be in danger??  Kind of spooky!!

Okay, it's over now back... you can stop aching!!

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