How to Avoid Over-Eating at Thanksgiving

It seems a whole lot easier to gain weight than it is to take it off, but I found a way when I wasn't even trying. And it might have turned out to be the best thing I ever did.

* Eat every three hours approaching the big dinner. You probably have gotten into the habit by now as I have mentioned this little trick in previous articles. So, during the day, be sure to stick with the snacks every three hours. By the time dinner is served, you will be happy to sample the gorgeous dishes without needed monster sized helping. (Peanut butter on a couple of Arrowroot cookies is one of my favorites!)

* If you have the opportunity to contribute something to the get-together, bring a selection of chopped veggies. It makes it easy for you to snack and I'm sure that there will be a lot of grateful friends and relatives that will be pleased at the choice you have given them!

* You most likely have no control over the size of your plate if you are invited out to dinner, so simply fill your plate with items that contain the least amount of calories. That probably means lots of veggies that aren't soaked in butter or covered in sauce.

* I know that dinner rolls are a tempting part of any dinner, but if you are trying to watch your calories, pass on the bread and butter. That leaves a few calories left over for dessert!

* Dessert... it's a special day so I say go for it, but ask for a tiny portion and a cup of coffee. There's nothing quite like a slice of pumpkin pie and a cup of coffee to end the festive day.

Have a great Thanksgiving!!
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