Decorating With Candles... for Thanksgiving

Harvest Corn Taper Style Candles Home Accent DecorYou probably had no idea how much mileage you could get with a few candles. Be prepared to be very surprised at how many different ways you can decorate with a few candles and some simple ideas.
We are in the dining room and it's looking kind of boring. You don't want to spend a lot to decorate but you do want to create some atmosphere. Probably the easiest way to get the most mileage for your decorating dollar is to grab some candles and fancy them up!

1. Start with a fat round candle and then pick up some Indian corn... real or picked up at your favorite craft store. Glue in place using a hot glue gun and then tie a ribbon around the entire candle and tie with a bow.

2. Sort out some of your smaller glasses. You are going to use them to hold candles. When you have chosen the glasses, sink in a small votive candle into the center and then fill with acorns. Not a fan of acorns... how about bird seed?

3. Take three candles that fit in with your color scheme. Tie them with a matching color ribbon and then sit a charger that is a few tones deeper. Scatter the charger with some metal glitter for a bit of bling!!

4. Center a hurricane lamp in the center of the table and place a plain white candle inside and then fill with toffee. Don't ask me why... but it really works!

5. Here is another really simple way to show off a plain candle. This time, choose a pale brown candle and then nestle it on a bed of coffee beans. Not only is the color very rustic, your centerpiece smells good too!

6. If you have some colorful leaves still lying on the ground, make a watery glue and "glue" them to the candle. To continue the theme of the leaves... sprinkle some fake leaves down the center of the table.

7. Another idea to fancy up a plain candle is to wrap them with ribbon. Choose a color that fits in with your holiday and tie a bow. In a pinch, even curling ribbon will work nicely and you don't have to worry about managing a perfect bow!!

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