Healing Back Pain Naturally

Woke up this morning with a horrible backache... and it won't go away. I think some research is needed. I did a little gardening yesterday. I wonder if that could be the culpret??

Okay 5 years later, we have moved into the country and we have this big gorgeous garden to take care of.  There are a lot of weeds to take care of not to mention Jimson Weed. Have no idea how that got into the garden, but I have to get rid of it and fast. 

The problem is that I'm loving all the gardening, but it's not liking me. I can barely move. I haven't pulled a weed in over a week. Here's hoping that my back will ease up so I can get back out there!!

***Sunday mornings are not meant for pain!!! I want a blissful day today.  I wonder if someone walking on your back actually help?