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[Claire travels in time. And while she and Jamie do fall in love, their story is not so much the stuff of sighs and moans (well, not just that anyway) as it is a grand adventure written on a canvas that probes the heart, weighs the soul and measures the human spirit across 10 generations. These are genre-bending novels, and that's just one of many reasons that people read them.] Historical romance is not what I write, ... I've always called them historical fantasias.”
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Oh yeah. They're a lot of fun. I don't like to do them too often because I don't get a lot of work done, and of course my family complains bitterly whenever I leave on one. But within the confines of the few days to the week or two that you do a book tour, it's a lot of fun. It's very intoxicating to meet people who read your books and are so enthusiastic about them. Diana Gabaldon on book tours. Diana Gabaldon

I don’t know yet if WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD is the last book in this series!! (That's good to know. I'm waiting with bated breath and I don't want to see the series end. Diana Gabaldon

Am I Scottish? No, not a bit. My mother's people are (basically) from Yorkshire, England; my father's [are] from New Mexico (via Spain, circa 1590 or so). I do get fan mail from Scotland; people asking "How long did you live in the Highlands before moving to Arizona?" Diana Gabaldon