Quotes About Peonies

Folklore enlaces the flower which further links Peony to the moon. It is believed that this flower of sheer romance was created by the Goddess of moon to reflect the lustrous shimmer of the moon's beam at night. Reflect your deep desire into0 her eyes as you give her a bunch of peony to say softly -- "You are mine" Unknown

Growing Peonies... You might love to bring them inside to grace your table, but don't... as pretty as they might be... don't. Your table will be crawling with ants within minutes. It's the ants that eat the covering from the buds that allow the flowers to bloom!

I don't know who planted the peonies at our farm, but they seem to grow wild and in abundance. Our peonies had huge pink blossoms and were positively gorgeous. I didn't know about the ants until I read about years later. I guess my mom already knew!

And one last thing. If you move to a house with peonies, they are pretty easy to move to a new location. I transplanted about 5 tiny new plants and they are doing well!!