I want to be happy today

It might be a dreary, drizzly Sunday morning or it might be a lovely fall day with the trees changing color. Which ever it is, there will be people who will feel miserable and people who get out of bed with a smile on their face.  I have read time and time again, that we have a choice. We actually get to choose whether to wear that smile all day or mope around feeling miserable. Which will you choose?

I know... it's hard to grasp the fact that we actually have a say in this, and sometimes I have to give myself a poke to remind myself. We all have things to feel grateful for and those are the things that we should concentrate on this morning. I'm actually reading a book and the author mentioned the fact that he doesn't get out of bed until he has come up with a list of 10 things that he has to be grateful for. What I found surprising is the fact that he made a point of stating that there are days when he really has to think! It's not always easy but he doesn't climb out of bed until  he has come up  come up with that list!  I think that's a good habit to follow, not the mention the fact that you get to stay in bed just a wee bit longer. ;)