My Monday Morning Thoughts

Lincolnshire Plum Bread , with  Cote Hill Blue...Lincolnshire Plum Bread , with Cote Hill Blue Cheese Damson Cheese (Photo credit: Girl Interrupted Eating)

After having been on vacation for two week, searching for ancestors in Lincolnshire (and finding them) I am glad to be home. Not that I wouldn't turn around and start packing for another vacation... in say about a month or so. I had so much fun. Doing family research isn't just about collecting names and dates, it's about walking the fields where they once worked, eating at the pubs that they might have visited and of course sampling the foods that are famous in the region. For me, it was tasting authentic Lincolnshire Plum Bread. It's kind of like Christmas pudding but in slices. I didn't mean to eat more than one slice, but I did and then went on to polish off the wedge of cheese (not blue cheese) that came with it. Now I want to make it myself so that I can see what it tastes like toasted. I can almost imagine but want to give it a go. ;) Hmmm, it didn't come with preserves... that might be awfully good too.

One bad thing about ancestor hunting... you tend to eat alot and then have to come home and exercise all of those delicious calories off. Is it worth it?? You bet it is.  Zumba this afternoon!!