Yes, I'm Odd That Way

Cold winter day, Dec 2009 - 02Cold winter day, Dec 2009 - 02 (Photo credit: Ed Yourdon)

A few of my blogs are for writers and that gave me the idea for this mornings post. I want you to look out the window this morning and take a deep breath. What are the smells that are greeting you.  Everyone of you will probably be smelling something completely different. Some of you will be smelling the fresh country air while some of you will be smelling cold city exhaust.  It's funny the scents that stay with you. On my first trip to England (my honeymoon actually) the first thing that I noticed was the smell of frozen exhaust. I'm sure that we have all smelled that, but I never noticed it before. Now whenever I smell that, it reminds me of England. Oddly enough, the scent brings back romantic memories. Yes, I'm odd that way lol....

Now it's your turn. What can you smell today. It might be the perfect entry for your journal.