I didn't scream today!!

2:45 Walk It Out
My daughter bought this program for me and I managed 4500 steps until the batteries died. Well, I did manage to get the heart pumping so all is not lost. Batteries are now in the charger and I'm hoping that I won't lose my settings. I wrote to the company a couple of days ago to see if they would consider coming up with an exercise program not necessarily geared to kids. While I'm having fun building up my island, I'm not familar with any of the music... at least as of yet. There is still a lot to unlock, so who knows. I don't really know if you can rebuild the island once you complete it, but I was reading that people were on their 4th time around the island. That's the only thing that I can think of.  Check it out! 

1:52  How old is the oldest person you know?
I usually work with the CNN on the TV and one of the advert was looking at this question. At the moment, my mom is doing quite well. She will be 82 in July and isn't giving up any signs of planning on going anywhere. I guess there is something to the fact about planning ahead so that we have enough money for retirement. My husband drives me crazy with trying to hawl me back from spending needlessly so I will definitely try. But all these rules!!

1:28 A Healthy Lunch that Didn't Suck
Have to admit... I don't like spinach, but my last blood test came back showing that I'm really lacking in Omega 3 Fatty Acids and did I mention that I really HATE fish. Needless to say that my family is now on a kick to get me to eat it anyway. Two nights in a row I had FISH and one so far wasn't that bad. It was called Mahi Mahi or something like that. It had a meatier texture to it than most fish and if you hate it as much as I do, I highly suggest that you give this one a try. I ate only a small amount, but I did eat it. I'm also taking fish oil pills... those red ones that are easier than those horse pills that you generally buy. They do smell nasty though ;( but I have another blood test in 4 months and hopefully the readings will be better. And oh yes, I had a handful of raw spinach on my cucumber sandwich. Raw spinach I don't mind at all... it's just the cooked stuff I'm not keen on!

12:49  What's making me happy today
It's definitely a nicer day out there today. I think that we are somewhere around 60 degrees. Spring just might actually be here. Might just go for a walk today. Can't remember the last time I did that. About time! :) And it's just about time for lunch.

Today's Quote
The really happy person is the one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour.

I wish that I could say that I did just that, but sadly, it wasn't the case for the last week or so  when I couldn't seem to get blogger to work. And, from what I have heard, it has happened to bloggers all over the world. Have no idea what has been happening, but it certainly interfered with your day! So glad to be back! You have no idea!

  Product I'm Using Today
If you shop at Costco, be sure to keep your eyes open Delon Body Butter. It seems to come out just around Christmas time and the stuff is amazing. At the moment, I'm getting my feet ready for summer sandals and it's doing a great job. I slather it on (the coconut scent) and then pull on my socks. All day long the scent of coconuts  scents my feet and moisturizes at the same time!