Morning Thoughts for Nov 14 2016

Morning All :)

Did you see the Super Moon last night? I went out at around 11 pm and the clouds had begun to close in, but they had parted enough to let the moon shine through. While I didn't notice that it was bigger than usual, it certainly was brighter!! BRIGHTER!!! You could look at it for a few seconds and then had to look away. Obviously nothing like trying to look at the sun, but it was definitely BRIGHT!

This morning... we have a whole lot of fog! At least it isn't snow which is supposed to arrive by Friday. Not sure if I'm looking forward to our first snowfall or not! 

I will let you know when it gets here. ;)

ps... Please take part in my poll on the right. I'm really curious to see how you are feeling about the American election. Living in Canada, we only hear what is on the news! I want to hear from you guys!!