When Was The Last Time??

 I looked out the window last night and found the brightest star in the sky and made a wish. That made me think about falling stars and what they might be all about? I'm wondering if they could be a star that someone has just made a wish upon?? I wonder how many of them come true? I am going to go with all of them!

Thinking Ahead... Time To Start My Green Decorating... just like Mom used to do!! Buy A Little Something For Yourself... or stocking stuffer for next Christmas. You have no idea how much stress it will take off of you when next December rolls around. This year, I enjoyed the entire month instead of scrambling to get everything on my to-do list completed. Favorite Book... Anything by Jane McGonigal **Today in the garden... Thinking about what I might plant next year! **Some of My Favorites... (one the right hand side) Quotes About Being a Genius, Quotes About Being Sorry, Quotes About Dreaming, Quotes About Fun, Quotes About Kindness,