The Perfect Morning So Far...

Obviously it doesn't take all that much and  I'm hoping the rest of the day is as awesome!!! Here's the order of my morning so far... ;)

1. Made breakfast... okay it was cold cereal but I mixed two kinds together!!  One was Cheerios and the other was some kind of cinnamon squares in flavor and I love cinnamon.

2. I made an entire pot of coffee just for me... the filter fell in and I had to pour the coffee through twice... but it was ALL MINE!

3. Fished some English Muffins out of the freezer and sat one on top of the dripping coffee to thaw. Mostly worked!  I managed to cut it apart without tooo much difficulty.

4. I read a few chapters of "If You Were Here" by Jen Lancaster... and gained a lot of laughter points for SuperBetter.  On the other hand, we are putting the house up for sale in the spring... I hope finding the book wasn't an omen of sorts.

I think that it was all the laughing that made my morning different from other mornings!  We really don't laugh nearly enough!!!

Thinking Ahead... Time To Start My Green Decorating... just like Mom used to do!! Buy A Little Something For Yourself... or stocking stuffer for next Christmas.