The Green Dinner

My mom was the queen of green dinners, but probably not the kind of green dinners that you might be thinking of! Living in the country, my mom took advantage of every holiday to celebrate. And that's where our green dinners come into the equation. On St. Patrick's Day, we would have our traditional green dinner! It just went without saying. Everything that she could tint green would be just that... green! And for dessert, we always had a chocolate frosted cake sprinkled with the most delicious shade of green coconut. Kids always loved invitations to our house during the holidays.

Have to wonder how many stories of our green dinners are floating around these days?? I certainly never forgot them!

On the Continent people have good food; in England people have good table manners.

George Mikes
I guess I will move to the continent...  one country at a time lol! I am suddenly thinking of Peach Melba and dinner is ages away. :(

**More Thoughts for an Early Morning

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