Flip Flops Shower Curtain Hooks - set of 12

* Why is this a good deal?
Have you ever seen novelty shower hooks that are this cute? It makes my old shower hooks look positively boring!

* Who makes/made it?

* What does it have to offer?
There is a complete line of flip flop accessories available, so you can slowly add to your bathroom collection.

* What is unique about it?
Hey, they are flip flops. Do you know anyone else who has a flip flop bathroom??

* How much does it cost?
$9.99 for set of 12

* Talk about the color?
multi colored flip flops

* What is it made of?
They are made from resin, hand crafted with 2 inch hooks

* What do I like about it??
I was just thinking that it would be a great gift basket kind of gift... each month you buy another part of the collection. By Christmas time, you are finished! What a great gift for a pre-teen.

Amazon.com: Flip Flops Shower Curtain Hooks - set of 12: Kitchen & Dining

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