Spring Quotes About Bluebells

A woodland setting is often a very suitable place for good plant growth, as there is wind protection from the trees and the sun's warmth is concentrated in the humus-rich leaf-mould litter covering the ground. This nutrient-rich layer, replenished each autumn, provides the ideal growing matter for shade plants and helps to retain moisture. You only need to think of the snowdrops, bluebells or primroses that thrive in these conditions in nature to get an idea of what you could achieve in your own garden.
Keith Wiley

Oh! roses and lilies are fair to see;
But the wild bluebell is the flower for me.
Louisa A. Meredith, The Bluebell

Starred forget-me-nots smile sweetly, Ring, bluebells, ring! Winning eye and heart completely, Sing, robin, sing! All among the reeds and rushes, Where the brook its music hushes, Bright the caloposon blushes,__ Laugh, O murmuring Spring! Sarah Foster Davis

I Capture the Castle
"Cassandra: Can you smell bluebells?
Rose: I can smell heaven." Unknown