Thoughts and Quotes about Christmas Stockings

Apparently, you should always drop a penny into a Christmas Stocking. I just don't remember why! Anyone know?? I wonder if it has something to do with the old story of Saint Nicholas dropping the three coins into those stockings years ago. I only wish I had thought to ask. Funny how traditions work!

Think back to your own Christmas Stocking... do you remember what it was filled with? Again, I am sure that the same candy and nuts were from long ago stockings. Don't you fill stockings with the items that your parents filled yours with?

The Art of Filling the Stocking

Just thought of something else. We never found chocolate in our stocking, but hard candy that looked like ribbons. And French Creams... dad loved those lol and I can't find them anywhere! I loved the creamy texture. I wondered what every happened to them?

The Worst Kind of Stocking Stuffers

Here's to a really interesting Christmas Stocking for you this year, filled with items that you bought yourself and stuffed in your own stocking over the months. Just think how surprised you will be Christmas morning ;)