Taking The Time To Get It Right

Well, we have come through another Christmas morning and mine was awesome! I hope that yours was as well. And I have a brand new quote for you. It goes like this!

"No great thing is ever created suddenly."

So what does this have to do with Christmas morning you might be asking? I'm going to start my Christmas list today... for next year.  I'm going to write down what everyone got this year and how well it was received. And then I will add to it during the next 11 months. And I also shop all year round. It really helps if you have a list.

December shouldn't be for crisis shopping... just the fun stuff like chocolate. (Everything else was done)  Everyone in my family got lots of goodies... more healthy treats this year I might add. Less chocolate and more nuts. The change went over well and I think that the change will carry over to next year. 

I like the fact that all of our shopping was completed by the end of November so all of our December outings were for sheer enjoyment. Sadly we saw a lot of frazzled people out there looking for anything to complete their list. That's not the way it should be!!

Anyway, have a great day and Merry Christmas to all :)