Kind of an Afternoon Thought: Does Holding Grudges Affect Your Health?

 That title really caught my attention because I'm terrible at holding a grudge. It just takes one thing to turn me into someone who isn't going to like you for a while!! As a matter of fact, it is happening right now and I'm not even sure that she is aware of the fact!!

Yikes... I was just reading on Web MD and I'm sure that somehow they are studying me!!  If I want to live longer... I really need to learn how to let go. With my personality and how things affect me, I'm surprised that I'm not already dead!

Will I be able to let his one incident go?? I really need to PLUS the one that I have been holding on to for the past 5 years!

*I would really sign up for some of the topics on WebMD... some of the things that I have read have really opened my eyes!

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