April 1st... Memories of My Dad

 Anyone who knew my dad would have said that he was a very humorless man... very strick and all things had to be his way or no way at all. That pretty much could be said for every day but April 1st. He positively loved April Fools Day!  I'm sure that he spent a lot of the day dreaming up things to do... most of the time they were funny jokes, or things that he would insist were true... but would turn out to be completely made up.  Yes, dad had a soft side... I really wish that he would have shown it more often. It's sad to think that his up bringing made him think that to be a man meant never taking time to play!

I don't remember dad laughing a lot... but I think that he wore a smile on his face... ALL DAY LONG on this particular day!!

                                        "Even the gods love jokes." 

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