The State of Our Health Care

Just got off the phone with my sister... in the next province.  I don't know what I expected, but it seems that when you get old and frail, you are pretty much on your own. If you don't have money... you are pretty much on the street.  Mom is running out of money and now she will have to pay rent in her nursing home and now pay for someone to take care of her 24/7.  How does anyone do that??

My Day So Far... okay, time to calm down. My sister and I aren't likely to be the only ones in this boat... but it's enough to give you one major headache.

 I'm headed out to day to work on the garden... just invested in a pair of rubber boots!! **Some of My Favorites... (one the right hand side) Quotes About Being a Genius, Quotes About Being Sorry, Quotes About Dreaming, Quotes About Fun, Quotes About Kindness,