Quotes About Liquid Sunshine

Do not pray when it is raining if you don't pray when the sun is shining. Unknown

I was just talking to my husband over breakfast this morning about how miserable it has been this summer. All it seemed to do all month is rain. I was so sick of gloomy skies that it was beginning to affect my moods. I was ready to pack up and head south. Sure they get rain there too, but surely not as much as we have gotten this month! If I could have sunshine all summer long and winter too for that matter, I would be a whole lot happier.

And then my husband pointed out that if it wasn't for all the rain that we have had this summer, my front garden wouldn't be close to as lush as it is. Well, he has a point there. We moved into our house in the fall, two years ago and it was only in the spring that we managed to put in a garden at all. Sadly to say, it looked pretty sparse but thanks to the rain, every plant has tripled in size. So, I guess I need to rethink how I feel about rain... I'm taking all of those gloomy words out of my vocabulary and I'm going to start thinking of rain as much needed Liquid Sunshine!
Let the rain kiss you.  Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops.  Let the rain sing you a lullaby.  *Langston Hughes