Winter Quotes... Why is it so cold out there?? It's only November!

 Sunday is our day to go bike riding in the afternoon, but not today. It's -13 C out there?? I didn't think that we would see those temps until at least February!! If we were to go bike riding, it's going to be around the basement!!

It is also a good day to do a bit of de-cluttering. I have just found some boxes that have never been unpacked since we moved here four years ago.  I think that it is time to see what is in them and see what we can pass along!

Winter Quotes...
I think what it takes to succeed remains the same.  You have to have a real love of your sport to carry you through all the bad times, you still want to ski even when things aren't working.  You must have a commitment to work hard and to never give up.  -  Nancy Greene

I do not participate in any sport with ambulances at the bottom of the hill. - Erma Bombeck

"Hear! hear!" screamed the jay from a neighboring tree, where I had heard a tittering for some time, "winter has a concentrated and nutty kernel, if you know where to look for it."  ~Henry David Thoreau,

When the bold branches
Bid farewell to rainbow leaves -
Welcome wool sweaters.
B. Cybrill

"A heavy snowfall disappears into the sea. What
silence!" Zen Proverb 

The great thing about snow is it makes your lawn look as good as your neighbors.
 Author Unknown