It Will Be Hard

This morning, I have to get a little tough with my mother. The yellow rose that I chose this morning is for her... of all the colors that she could choose, yellow roses are her all time favorite. She even chose yellow roses when she renewed her wedding vows with dad back in 1981. That was when mom was a strong woman.

Now, mom seems to complain about everything and it's getting worse. Yes, her eyesight is failing and so is her hearing, but things could be so much worse. These days, her favorite saying these days is... "It's just soooo hard."  The first time that she said it, I understood, but after hearing it about a 1000 times, it's really hard to hear without rolling my eyes... which makes me sound like a horrible daughter. But, I want my strong mom back.

She will be 85 this year and she is acting more like she is 105... actually, maybe even older than that. So today I'm going to tell her just how lucky she is to live in a nice nursing home, have 3 great grandchildren to watch grow and two grown daughters who really just want the best for her.

Today, I'm going to introduce her to sit down Yoga.  She really needs to strengthen her muscles and I think that this shouldn't be too much for her.  And I'm going to give her one little project to do... like today...finding her doctor appointment info so that she can take control of her appointments. My sister made her the appointment, wrote down the info and taped it to the cupboard. She then tells me the information so that I can transfer it to a calendar.  Well, two days later, she has already forgotten where the information is. We definitely need to work on her memory as well.

I want my mom back!!

photo credit: morguefile