Today's Update on Selling Our House... He Broke The Sander

 He has no idea how,  but suddenly there is a piece that is supposed to be on the sander that isn't there anymore. He has no idea what happened to it and is now trying to find where to find a replacement. When we lived in the states, finding parts was no big deal, but living in Manitoba... well lets just say that we might have to buy a new sander. He found the part that is missing, but no one ships to Canada.

 On a positive note, all of our tulips are doing amazingly well. Here's hoping that we don't get snow in the coming days. I don't know how hardy tulips can be?? Well, I guess we shall see won't we!  ;)

Things to be curious about today...
*who came up with the idea of cream soda?? *is you town haunted?? It could very well be!!